A. The different photo resolutions

Minimum Resolution Recommended Resolution Recommended Digital Camera Resolution
Format 10x13 480x640 1200x1600 2M. pixels
Format 10x15 480x720 1200x1800 2M. pixels
Format 11x15 540x720 1350x1800 3M. pixels
Format 13x19 615x920 1540x2300 4M. pixels
Format 15x23 720x1080 1800x2700 5M. pixels
Format 18x27 850x1280 2120x3190 7M. pixels
Format 20x30 950x1430 2390x3580 8M. pixels
Format 30x45 1180x1770 2390x3580 8M. pixels
Format 40x60 1580x2370 2370x3550 9M. pixels
Format 50x75 1970x2950 2950x4430 13M. pixels

B. Cropping

Photographic film traditionally (24x36) has a ratio of three long by two high (3/2).

In digital photography, it is usual to work with different proportions of images, the most common are 3/2, 4/3, 1/1 and 16/9. Some devices offer less common ratios like 5/4 and 2/1.

By default, we print your photos respecting the original framing.
Our website helps you by automatically detecting the most classic ratios. So by default the proposed sizes are:

10x15 cm
10x13 cm
10x10 cm
10x18 cm

Width of 10 cm and length of 18 cm maximum.

  • 10L format for ratios smaller than 16/9. (Width 10 cm, length according to the proportion).
  • 18C format for ratios larger than 16/9. (Length 18 cm, width according to the proportion).

If you choose a different ratio from that of your file, with the option "original" you will get a white border on 2 sides of the image and with the option "full sheet", your images will be cropped to fill the entire format selected (see example below).